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Digital transformation for ambitious businessesHere’s how we do it

We specialise in consultancy-led software development.

We build digital products, bespoke websites, e-commerce stores, and much more. Put simply, we help you shift your business to a digital-first business so you can stay ahead of your competition and delight your users.

We unearth the real problems holding your business back and fix them for you in different, clever, and elegant ways.

  • Bespoke Websites
    We ensure that your business is supported by its tech, not the other way round. Thought Quarter cuts through the noise to properly connect your IT and your organisation so you can focus on delivering a great customer experience and exceptional business results.
    Case study: Livin
    Delivering a 581% ROI for the award winning housing association

    The challenge
    Livin approached TQ with the goal of transforming their services from end-to-end to deliver a brilliant customer experience. We delivered a brand-new approach to digital experience saving more than 12,000 people hours and reducing re-let time on properties by 30% in the process.

    “TQ provided a full digital service, not just a website. The level of expertise was second to none and the work done has provided us with the foundations to continually develop the site to meet the needs of our users.”

    Anna Bainbridge, Digital Transformation Manager, Livin
    Livin Header Image
    Return on Investment
    People hours saved
    Reduction in re-let time
  • E-commerce
    We engineer the future-proof digital solutions critical to your business’ success. Whether you need to improve customer experience, boost revenues, reduce costs, or optimise performance in some other way Thought Quarter give you different, clever, and elegant answers to your biggest challenges.
    Case study: Die Zeit
    A 4,534% increase in sales for Germany’s leading publishing house.

    The Challenge
    Traditional publishing businesses have had to adapt to the digital world to survive. A fit for purpose online subscription store and continued support from TQ gives Die Zeit the power to continue growing 75 years after launch.

    “Our new shop was the first project Thought Quarter developed for us and I am delighted that we have found an experienced agency who understand our requirements and can be trusted to deliver outstanding results on time and on budget.”

    Alexander Holm, Deputy Director of Marketing, Die Zeit
    Die Zeit Header
    sales increase
    8 weeks
    from signature to V1 of the solution
  • Predicting what’s to come
    Data is king. It’s the lifeblood of an organisation. But on its own, data is no more that a rear-view mirror that tells you what already happened, and at best allows you to correct your course. But what about what comes next?
    How do you predict what’s to come?

    The answer is data, but not how you know it. Augmenting your data with best-in-class machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, we can help you to predict what’s next, and gear up for it before it happens.

    Have we got your attention? Sign up for our upcoming ‘Using AI to predict the future: An introduction for Executives’ masterclass to find out more.

    Where will the next transformational win come from?

    How can you spot the next up-and-coming niche before your competitor does?

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Clarity, confidence, and an obsession for quality.

We discover, we do, we improve. We use our tried and tested project process to give fresh perspective, accuracy of thought and deliver meaningful change.

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