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Florence Davies-Kirsop
Florence Davies-Kirsop
Marketing Manager
Thought Quarter have submitted their B Corp Application

We're not a B Corp. But we hope to be soon.

We've got some exciting news to share. We've finally hit the big red button on our B Corp application. That's right, we're on our way to being B Corp Certified. It's a significant step, but it's one we're wholeheartedly committed to.

You might be wondering, why B Corp? Well, for us, it's about more than just a certification. It's about joining a movement of businesses that are redefining success by prioritising people and the planet alongside profit. It's about holding ourselves accountable to higher standards of social and environmental performance. It's another way to show that we practice what we preach as we look to use tech for a better world.

But that's not all. We're not sitting back and resting on our laurels after hitting the 'send' button on our B Corp application. Because for us, it really isn't about ticking boxes to achieve a badge of recognition. We're actively engaging in initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and enhance our sustainability efforts.

One of our key initiatives involves collaborating with the Sustainability Team at the University of Exeter to conduct a thorough assessment of our carbon footprint across Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions. This way we can understand the full extent of our environmental impact so that we can develop targeted strategies for improvement across the board.

Once we have a clear picture of our emissions profile, we'll be rolling out a comprehensive plan to further reduce our carbon footprint. And no, we're not talking about offsetting here; we'll be prioritising emission reduction. While offsetting has its place, we firmly believe that true sustainability lies in minimising our environmental impact at the source.

But let's be real: making meaningful and impactful changes takes time. We're not making excuses, but we have to be realistic. As much as we're eager to accelerate our sustainability journey, we also recognise the need to balance operational continuity and client satisfaction. That's why our efforts to reduce emissions will run parallel to our day-to-day business activities.

So, while we might not be where we want to be just yet, please know that we're on our way. Every small step we take brings us closer to our vision of a better, more sustainable world. And with your support, we're confident that we'll get there.

Stay tuned for updates on our B Corp journey and sustainability initiatives. Together, we can make a difference.

Florence Davies-Kirsop
Florence Davies-Kirsop
Marketing Manager
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