A fruitful investment for the South-West's largest independent cider producer.


Healeys' Cyder Farm


Product Development


Cornwall, UK



Key Results

- 33% increase in average order value year-on-year

- 50% reduction in check-in time for pre-booked groups

- 5% saving made on every online transaction

- 180 hours of manual data-collection time saved every year

The Challenge

An off-the-shelf ticketing system that did the bare basics badly whilst causing a lot of internal headaches. A lack of upselling facilities and customisation options meant missed opportunities for increased basket spend.

Combine that with a 5% commission charge on every single ticket purchase and it's clear to see the reason for change.

The Solution

Our discovery sessions uncovered a very click-heavy and confusing customer journey. Enhancing UX was crucial to achieve Healeys' goal of increasing basket spend.

We focused on a clean visual and stripped back the over-whelming (and underperforming) options, replicating the physical ticketing model digitally.

We opted for Umbraco CMS due to its superb flexibility and customisable back-office area, ideal for managing admissions data and thus reducing staff headaches.

The Result

Healeys now have a fully customised platform that’s incredibly fast, even with the poor internet signal often found in Cornwall.

For customers, booking their dream day out, with optional experiences and extras, has never been simpler. In fact, their busiest month saw a 47% increase in revenue in comparison to the previous year. We can't take all the credit for this, but the new tech certainly helped.

Healeys investment cost was soon swallowed by an increase in revenue via the new system; the work we did paid for itself in under 5 months. We would say that's a pretty healthy ROI.  

A Better World

Our clients are all very different; different industries, different challenges and different goals. They do however, share a common belief: That it's everyone's responsibility to help make the world better. Here's how Healeys are doing just that.

Aside from being one of Cornwall's top tourist attractions and an award-winning Cyder maker, Healeys are dedicated to supporting young entrepreneurs in Cornwall. The Healeys Charitable Trust Fund supports a variety of passionate individuals who do not have the initial starter funds to get their business idea off the ground. From £100 to £5,000, donations will vary depending on individual requirements. This is a fund where a little will actually go a long way. With a pledge to donate £100,000 by 2024, Healeys are truly committed to making a better world by supporting young Cornish entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams.