A fresh approach to e-commerce for leading timber suppliers, Woodshop Direct.


Woodshop Direct


Discovery Report
UX Wireframe


Cornwall, UK



Key Results

- A comprehensive 50 page discovery report

- Recommendations to move the business forward

- UX wireframe and visuals of the proposed e-commerce site.

The Challenge

When a long list of frustrations got too much for the Woodshop team, they approached us for a full assessment of their digital infrastructure.

The team didn't have a problem landing traffic, but the conversion rate was less than favourable. Coupled with a website that didn't allow them to make changes without a substantial development charge, it was clear to Woodshop that something needed to change.

The Solution

Over a few months, we conducted a series of meetings with the various stakeholders within Woodshop Direct. This allowed us to gain a thorough understanding of the different challenges and opinions across the departments. With this information, we then proceeded to the next elements of the discovery phase, which included a full review of their company operations and supporting agencies. Digital marketing and analytics were examined with a fine-tooth comb too.

Once we were happy with our findings, it was time to look to what the new offering needed to be. This section included UX research, market analysis and competitor analysis; all of which, when combined with previous discovery sessions, were crucial in the construction of our recommendations and predictions.

The Result

This in-depth discovery project revealed crucial information to help Woodshop move forward.

We delivered a comprehensive report which analysed every element of Woodshop's digital infrastructure. However, we know a report of where you are isn't useful without guidance on how to move forward, so we provided just that. Various options were detailed, along with the reasoning for each and the predicted results should our guidance be followed. The Woodshop team loved our new e-commerce mock up so much that we're currently working with them on phase 1 of the build. Watch this space!

A Better World

Our clients are all very different; different industries, different challenges and different goals. They do however, share a common belief: That it's everyone's responsibility to help make the world better. Here's how Woodshop Direct are doing just that.

Woodshop Direct are dedicated to reducing wastage for their customers by supplying a cut-to-size service. The bi-product of this service gets put to good use too. The sawdust is manufactured into small pellets that fuel biomass boilers and offcuts are sold to local residents to be used as firewood. The team at Woodshop Direct have fantastic processes in place already, but they're not done yet. Their next plan sees the installation of an extraction unit that will use waste to power and heat their factory. Impressive!