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Key Results

  • A UX wrapper for the new dashboard, complete with new sub-branding, that allows users to access CACI’s latest dataset with ease.  
  • A supporting site that has played a significant part in increasing customer conversions.

The Challenge 

Acorn is a dataset produced by CACI. It is an incredibly powerful geo-demographic dataset that allows businesses to identify, segment, and understand their audiences. The team approached us to support them with a dashboard that would allow users of all technical abilities to access the data they were looking for quickly and easily.  

The Solution 

It was clear from our discussions with the CACI team that accessibility and ease of use were key factors in the design of the new tool. Recognising this, we created a fully bespoke wrapper around the new data that put the user in control and removed any potential friction in use. Everything on the user side of this dashboard is controlled with simple dropdowns and filters, replicating functions that the user would encounter daily on other apps/sites.  

As an extra step to boost usability, we built a resource hub full of guides and useful content for the users. Not only is this feature of great benefit to the user, it reduces support queries sent to the Acorn team too. The new CMS system meant that content updates were quick and simple. The content editors had complete control and didn’t need to rely on tech support to make amendments or upload new content.  

The new product requires users to sign up for the service, either with a free trial or a tier of paid license. To support the team in increasing conversions, we built filters that allowed categorised sign-ups and applied limitations and restrictions to the lower-level subscriptions. 

As a completely new product, design went much further than functionality. Acorn needed its own identity; something that’s visually distinct from the main site but is clearly still part of the same family. Our Design Lead created a brand identity that was just that, the perfect balance.  

The Result  

For the first time, the Acorn dataset is accessible through an interactive dashboard. Users can complete postcode searches, or even partial postcode searches, and dive straight into the categorisation of the people they are interested in learning about within seconds. The UX is seamless, utilising filters and controls that allow the user to find the exact data they’re looking for without being an expert in the tool.  

The site we built to coincide with the launch of their newest dataset plays a significant part in the business's conversion rates. It houses blogs, case studies, and FAQs alongside other content that supports CACI’s positioning as the market leader. It’s where intent turns into purchase, so nothing but the best would achieve this ambitious company’s goals.  

A Better World 

When it comes to our planet, CACI take things very seriously. The business has a multi-faceted environmental policy in place and a genuine commitment to minimising waste throughout their operations, which is great to see. They continue to develop their best practices across all areas of the business to ensure the impact they have on our environment is minimal.