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The Changemaker Series: Agency Owners Dinner

Aqua Grand Cafe, 153 Whiteladies Rd Redland Bristol BS8 2RF

An informal dinner for agency owners to connect, share experiences and overcome challenges.

Agency Owner's Dinner

An intimate and informal dinner created for agency owners, by an agency owner. We know that owning and growing an agency comes with its own unique set of opportunities and challenges.

Over dinner, we'll be discussing all things agency including:

  • What has been successful this year?
  • What have we found challenging?
  • How can we work through these challenges?
  • What is the next step for agency growth?
  • Where should we be collaborating for mutual gain?

As with all events in the Changemaker Series, we ask that Chatham House rules are followed to allow for conversation to flow both freely and openly. This is a 'safe space' for agency owners to share experiences, discuss ideas, and overcome challenges with the support of like-minded individuals in similar roles.

To allow for intimate discussion we limited the number of tickets for this event, so please don't hang around if you wish to attend the next event in The Changemaker Series.

Ticket includes private dining area, dinner, and reasonable drinks.