When you see clearly, you can progress with purpose.

Our Discovery process is the first step in understanding the software development challenge.

Sometimes, the only way to progress with purpose is to work backwards from the challenge and get to the why. That’s why every piece of work we take on starts with Discovery.

You know your business, your markets, your users, your products, and your goals. We use our tried and tested methodology to extract that information, distil it into insights, and give you solutions which are as unique as your challenges.

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Discovery uncovers the real challenge and defines it succinctly.

Our Discovery sessions unlock the complex challenges which are critical to the success of your business. The workshops will involve key people from your side and your users. People who know the products, people who run the operation, people who sell, people who buy, people who support, people who have a stake in the business, people who at any stage in the buying process have an involvement and an interaction and above all an opinion on what could improve, what would work and what is needed. We’ll look at your competitors too.

We’re curious. We come prepared with a lot of research and questions. We listen. We listen hard. Then we distil what we’ve heard into an understanding of you, your business, and your website project.

Here’s what we can do

No matter whether your website project is basic or highly complex, we start with the Discovery process, before we Define the project. There are three phases:

Discover Consultancy

During the consultancy phase of Discovery, we’ll take a deep dive into your existing processes analysing the inputs, how are they executed with what and by whom. We’ll then look at the outputs – what results are achieved, focusing on your key performance indicators.

Our consultancy phase also includes a strategic analysis of your competitors, gaining important insight and intelligence which later on can be used to identify potential opportunities.

Discover UX

The UX phase of Discovery will see us focus on the user experience, we’ll look at all the different website user groups and research how they currently engage with it. We’ll find out what their future wants, and aspirations are.

Discover Digital Product Delivery

While the consultancy and UX phases of the Discovery process largely investigate the human elements and interactions, in this phase, we’re purely focussed on the technical. We need to complete our understanding of the current tech, what other platforms you need to integrate with, your availability and capacity needs; the good, the bad and the ugly.

The outcome of Discovery is clarity.

Clarity that allows us to design the best approach to your challenges and then, skilfully deliver it. The solution may be a content managed website, a digital product, a piece of bespoke software, a virtual reality experience, or a combination of all of those. Whatever it is, the clarity provided by the Discovery process allows us to progress with purpose towards it.

We’ll also achieve clarity about the vision for the project and a vision that is shared with all the stakeholders.

You’ll receive a comprehensive Discovery Report documenting the findings of our digital marketing and analytics review, a report on the operation and what the future looks like for your platform.

When you see clearly, you can progress with purpose.