Business moves fast and so does technology. When the two move together, in the same direction, amazing things are achieved.

However, when your business strategy and the technology used are misaligned, it’s painful, very painful.

We believe that eventually every business will be tech-first

By this we mean that eventually businesses will use digital technology to create new or adapt existing business processes to meet the ever-changing market and business requirements.

If you’re not tech-first yet, your competitors probably are.

Some questions to consider…

  • How can technology serve your business better?
  • How can you evolve your business model so software, data, and AI can give you an unfair advantage over your competition?
  • How can you structure your internal IT teams, so they perform as well as your business needs them to?
  • And once you get on the road to digital transformation, how do you keep the momentum going?

Built on proven frameworks, our consultancy services answer these questions, and many more…

  • Project Definition
    Technology projects are complex and expensive.

    • Should it be a website?
    • A digital product?
    • Microservices?
    • Maybe a mobile app?
    • How about user experience?
    • And SEO?

    The list goes on.

    We help you draw clear boundaries for your project and come up with a sensible, pragmatic approach that gives you some return on your investment as soon as possible.

  • Process Mapping
    As you digitise your organisation and look to become tech-first, your processes need to evolve.

    If they don’t, your users and customers will experience friction and frustration.

    Using a combination of approaches, we help you find the simplest, clearest, and most scalable way to deliver your products and services.

  • Customer Journey Mapping
    Prospects and customers are the lifeblood of any organisation.

    But so often, they are relegated to second-class experiences imposed by unsuitable, inflexible systems. Combining experience, best practice, and creativity we can help you architect brilliant customer journeys that increase conversion rates, reduce acquisition costs, and help your organisation be more profitable.

  • IT Organisation Design
    Building an effective IT team goes far beyond just the technical skills.

    What about architecture, project management, availability, uptime, maintenance, future strategy, and quality?

    Using our unique 45-point assessment tool, we help you design the leanest and most effective structure to help you sustain your digital transformation.

  • Technology Strategy
    How should you go about becoming a tech-first organisation?

    How can you avoid costly and time-consuming challenges in your digital transformation journey?

    We use tried and tested principles to help you formulate a technology strategy which guides you, your teams, and your suppliers on the road ahead.

  • CTO as a Service
    Expert leadership voice.

    As technology becomes more and more crucial to your organisation, you may reach the point where you need an expert leadership voice to act as a critical friend, subject matter expert, and mentor to others.

    Often, that point comes before you’re ready to invest in a full-time hire. We provide interim or fractional resources to take away that strain and allow you to focus on what you’re best at – running your organisation.

  • Digital Transformation Assessment
    How is your organisation doing compared to industry standards?

    Are your digital investments providing enough return?

    Do you have a firm footing on which to roll out your strategy?

    We can help you empirically assess and validate your progress.