Cornish Mutual

The client

Established over 100 years ago by the farmers of the South-West, and owned by its
customers, Cornish Mutual’s goals are the goals of their Members, everything they do is
in their best interests.

The challenge

Cornish Mutual recently redefined their brand positioning, purpose and proposition, defining their market niches, audience segments, audience personas and product offers.
Their website needed be a high-visibility expression of this new market message. 2020
/ 2021 also saw an increase in marketing activity, and, as a result of this, the website
would receive increased traffic.

It was the right time for them to review and refresh their website to ensure that it
accurately reflected their brand personality. It also had to be easy to use, future proof
and adaptable to new technologies, allowing prospects, leads or members to access
relevant information and engage with the Cornish Mutual team when they need to.

The original Cornish Mutual website was built on Drupal version 7 and was managed by
an external company, so they had limited access or experience of managing or easily
updating their content. The external company also managed their Google Analytics
account, so Cornish Mutual had limited reports of the site’s performance. The site also
lacked SEO strategy along with measurement and optimising tools.

The solution

Thought Quarter are a supportive, collaborative and open team to work with. Their technical expertise on this project and on wider digitial questions has been invaluable. The project was delivered on time to budget.

Juliet Allister, Marketing Manager, Cornish Mutual

Thought Quarter had already completed a piece of consulting work around digital transformation for Cornish Mutual, so it was a natural move for them to ask us to complete the website, given that we understand their business so well. We built the site around Cornish Mutual’s business needs and critical to the design, we helped to define the user experience – which actions are important and how users can make contact with Cornish Mutual, using only an appropriate level of automation in order to preserve their reputation for a personal touch.

Finally, we helped with setting up Google Analytics and reporting.

The completed site and platform not only meet their immediate objectives, but it also provides Cornish Mutual with a means to move forward – they are looking at developing additional member-only functionality and integrations with their key systems (CRM and marketing automation).


The results

Successful delivery and implementation of the platform, on time and on budget. We have also achieved some great results on Cornish Mutual’s on some key online metrics.

  • Overall conversion rate increase of 25%
  • Request for quote goal conversion increase of 220%
  • Conversion rate mobile increase of 214%
  • Average session time increased by 17%
  • Pages per session increased by 22%
  • Sessions per user increased by 41%

We’ve also helped to turn around dev team performance, put the right processes in place, remove underperformance, and transition to new leadership through dedicated consultative and software development support. There’s a full case study on this coming soon.

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